Vizualization of hydrodynamics around a bubble by Kalliroscopic techniques

Vizualization of hydrodynamics around a bubble by Kalliroscopic techniques Visualisation de l’hydrodynamique autour d’une bulle en ascension dans une cellule de Hele-Shaw Property of Milnes, Kherbeche, Jimenez, Dietrich, Lheklif and Hérard (2012) La solution utilisee est un mélange contenant 50% d’eau démineralisée et 50% de Kalliroscope AQ-1000, une suspension de 1 a 2% de paillettes […]

Gas/liquid mass transfer in Technicolor

Tuesday 10th April 2012, UBC, room CHBE 102, VANCOUVER, CANADA Mass transfer in gas/liquid systems is of prime interest for several areas (medicine, chemicalengineering, environmental purpose, waste water treatment, etc.). Some techniques enable a directvisualization of this complex phenomenon and thus represent a powerful tool for understanding thedifferent mechanisms governing the mass transfer. The purpose […]

Multi-scale analysis of physicochemical parameters on the hydrodynamic and gas-liquid mass transfer in thriphasic reactor

Property of Abderrahmane Kherbechea, Nicolas Dietrich, Gilles Hébrard and Brahim Lekhlif; 2012 The use of three-phasic reactors in industrial sector remains, today, the priority of lot of researches around the world,  three-phasic reactors, so-called biofilters in wastewater treatment domain, are widely used for their efficiency and their small plug of space. Therefore, the main objective […]