2019: Hydrodynamics and gas-liquid mass transfer around a confined sliding bubble

Local investigation of the gas-liquid mass transfer using oxygen sensitive dye. A single vortex leg enclosing transferred oxygen in the confined sliding bubble wake. Angle of inclination of upper wall inclination affects mass transfer. A scaling law between Sherwood numbers and modified Archimedes numbers. Abstract An experimental investigation of gas-liquid mass transfer in the wake of a confined air […]

2019: Using the “Red Bottle” Experiment for the Visualization and the Fast Characterization of Gas–Liquid Mass Transfer

Abstract This paper presents a demonstration of the visualization and the characterization of gas–liquid mass transfer in a small bubbly column. The aim is to show how simple experiments can be used to directly quantify mass transfer without the need of sophisticated probes or complex titrations. The method here proposed is based on the “red […]