2021 : Tournament Battle: Gamifying Bibliographic Research and Oral Argumentation Applied to Chemical Engineering Topics


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The purpose of this study is to present a learning activity that gamifies an argumentation exercise by combining both a bibliographic research activity and an oral argument. The exercise is organized as a competitive battle to engage and motivate students after training in bibliographic research. Students are divided into four teams of 4–7 students and are involved in a 2-round tournament starting with the semifinal round: the two winners of each semifinal meet in the final and the two losers in a playoff for third place. Each match is divided in two halves of 10 min: one to prepare their work, and the second to present it and interact with the opposite team. At the end, the two spectator teams vote for the winning team, and educators referee having the final decision. A symbolic prize (university goodies) is offered to the final winning team, and each team is graded by the educators on the basis of their two matches. The feedback received from students that participated in this exercise during the 2016–2020 period has been evaluated and corroborates the increase of motivation and teamwork through such activities. At the end, the advantages and limitations of such an activity are discussed.