2021 : Tournament Battle: Gamifying Bibliographic Research and Oral Argumentation Applied to Chemical Engineering Topics

Abstract The purpose of this study is to present a learning activity that gamifies an argumentation exercise by combining both a bibliographic research activity and an oral argument. The exercise is organized as a competitive battle to engage and motivate students after training in bibliographic research. Students are divided into four teams of 4–7 students […]

2020: New approaches to adapt escape game activities to large audience in chemical engineering: Numeric supports and students’ participation

Gamification is a widespread phenomenon that relies on using game mechanics in other areas, such as the learning situation. One of the most exciting types of games in the late 2010s is escape games, where the principle is for the players to manage to escape from a room in which they are locked by finding hidden […]

2020: Using Augmented Reality to Stimulate Students and Diffuse Escape Game Activities to Larger Audiences

In a world engaged in a perpetual race for progress, augmented reality (AR) is a new frontier that has attracted much research attention in recent years. The generalization of smartphones and the miniaturization and democratization of connected gadgets are leading to new uses and new expectations. In this article, we provide an AR application to […]