2020: New approaches to adapt escape game activities to large audience in chemical engineering: Numeric supports and students’ participation

Gamification is a widespread phenomenon that relies on using game mechanics in other areas, such as the learning situation. One of the most exciting types of games in the late 2010s is escape games, where the principle is for the players to manage to escape from a room in which they are locked by finding hidden items and following a sequence of puzzles. The goal of using this type of game is to motivate/involve learners, to make them work and develop adaptability and responsiveness skills. Unfortunately, these escape games are only practiced in small groups, and the design is expensive and time-consuming. That is why cost-effective alternatives are proposed in this paper. They are either dematerialized, entirely based on a digital medium (smartphone/tablets/computer), or directly created by students, also with a digital medium, allowing integration into large classes, or at open house events.