2021: Gas–Liquid Mass Transfer around a Rising Bubble: Combined Effect of Rheology and Surfactant (open access)

The influence of viscosity and surface tension on oxygen transfer was investigated using planar laser-induced fluorescence with inhibition (PLIF-I). The surface tension and the viscosity were modified using Triton X-100 and polyacrylamide, respectively. Changes in the hydrodynamic parameters of millimetric bubbles were identified, and transfer parameters were calculated. The results revealed a decrease in the […]

2020: New approaches to adapt escape game activities to large audience in chemical engineering: Numeric supports and students’ participation

Gamification is a widespread phenomenon that relies on using game mechanics in other areas, such as the learning situation. One of the most exciting types of games in the late 2010s is escape games, where the principle is for the players to manage to escape from a room in which they are locked by finding hidden […]

2020: Using Augmented Reality to Stimulate Students and Diffuse Escape Game Activities to Larger Audiences

In a world engaged in a perpetual race for progress, augmented reality (AR) is a new frontier that has attracted much research attention in recent years. The generalization of smartphones and the miniaturization and democratization of connected gadgets are leading to new uses and new expectations. In this article, we provide an AR application to […]

2020: Sudden Decrease of the Dissolved Ozone Concentration in Sprays: A Mass Transfer Phenomenon?

Ozone is known to be a powerful oxidant with low persistence and has been shown to possess biocidal activity against a wide number of fungi and bacteria. These properties make ozone a good candidate as a substitute for chemical phytosanitary products in agriculture. However, when water containing dissolved ozone is sprayed, the concentration of ozone […]

2020: Gas-liquid mass transfer around Taylor bubbles flowing in a long, in-plane, spiral-shaped milli-reactor

Abstract Gas–liquid mass transfer was investigated around Taylor bubbles flowing in a long, in-plane, spiral-shaped milli-reactor involving various configurations. Using a colorimetric technique and image post-treatment, the variation of the equivalent O2 concentration inside the liquid slugs was measured. The coloration positions, corresponding to 99% of the maximum concentration reached in the liquid slug, changed significantly […]