Multi-scale analysis of physicochemical parameters on the hydrodynamic and gas-liquid mass transfer in thriphasic reactor

Property of Abderrahmane Kherbechea, Nicolas Dietrich, Gilles Hébrard and Brahim Lekhlif; 2012

The use of three-phasic reactors in industrial sector remains, today, the priority of lot of researches around the world,  three-phasic reactors, so-called biofilters in wastewater treatment domain, are widely used for their efficiency and their small plug of space. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to understand the mechanisms of hydrodynamics and gas-liquid mass transfer in this type of epuration system.The work aims to evaluate the influence of some physicochemical parameters on the evolution of the hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a three-phasic reactor gas-liquid-solid, in order to improve purification efficiency of the system.